Holga 120N & HP5

I have a backlog of film to develop in my Darkroom, so last week, I processed six rolls of black and white HP5 from Ilford. I love HP5 and I think the film from Ilford is fantastic. Anyway, I shot these images last year in Dublin. My eye is frequently caught by Street Art, Textures and Benches. You can see examples of these below. I then spent Friday Night scanning all the film the processed films together with other negatives that I had yet to scan (nine hours worth), sadly it did not save properly, so I have to scan it all again (Boo!), in the end I needed to scan it all a third time.

I now have to process eighteen colour rolls and four rolls of slide film and my backlog is cleared. Hopefully, I will not allow that backlog to build up again.

There will be posts on how I process film in the future on my blog.

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Art of Photography by Ted Forbes

Ted Forbes is a Texas based Photographer, Creative, Educator and cat lover, who presents his own Photography Channel called the ‘Art of Photography’ on YouTube  (https://www.youtube.com/user/theartofphotography). Ted and his videos have become a huge and regular part of my photography education, I have now watched all his videos, going  back nearly eight years. Ted has introduced me to many fantastic photographers that I would not have been exposed to otherwise. Ted also discusses techniques and history, together with running great competitions and really engaging with the Community that he has created. He is a really lovely guy whose enthusiasm for creating is great to watch. The AOP Community is a friendly, supportive and active one, and is great to be a part of.

His latest project with the AOP Community is to try and get us to think more creatively, to do this, he is giving out fortnightly (or thereabouts) assignments for us to take part in, then, you print them and past them into a journal. You can upload your Journal to his Social Media feeds and every week he picks some to feature in his video. The photos below are from my first week of Assignments, this was about looking at something you know well and trying to shoot it a variety of ways, I chose our shed, as I thought it might be more of a challenge to get different angles of a shed. You can join in with the Assignments at any time you wish, which is great for people who maybe missed the first couple.

If you have an interest in photography, than this is a great channel to watch.