Dylan Moran

Dylan is touring a show called Dr Cosmos at the minute, this evening it was in Vicar Street. He was absolutely hilarious and was quintessentially Dylan. I love how unfussy his stage is with no signage and just a table, stool and bottle of water. If you are a fan of his, this show is …


Kilmacurragh National Botanical Gardens

A trip to Kilmacurragh National Botanical Gardens was organised by Offshoot Photography Club in Wicklow. It was lovely to wander around this particular garden. I was delighted to see that there were some bluebells there. I have shared some of these shots in another post. There is a link to this garden below should you …

Rapeseed Field

A few weeks ago I went for a drive around Carlow and took these photos of a Rapeseed Field that I found. These fields are always so bright and cheerful, and I love how they always make the sky look interesting, thankfully this particular day was bright.