I took a trip to Glendalough, one of my favourite places in Ireland yesterday, as part of a Canon event which was hosted by the renowned Landscape Photographer David Noton. It was very interesting to look at a place that I am very familiar with through someone else’s eyes. Canon allowed Participants to borrow some of their Camera Bodies and Lenses for the event, I borrowed a 5DS and a 24-70mm Lens, I also played with the other kit available, which was a lot of fun. I intend to re-visit Glendalough soon and spend a bit more time there taking photos. I will leave a link to David’s website below.

Parabo Press Square Prints – A Review

This is not a sponsored post and Parabo Press do not know that I am writing a Blog about their product. Today I received my free square prints in the post from Parabo Press, this is the second time that I have used this company, and I am as pleased with the service as I was the first time. Parabo Press offered 25 free square prints, all I had to do is pay for shipping, so on Tuesday I ordered some and they arrived today (Friday), which I thought, was incredibly quick. I am impressed by the quality of the prints, as well as the packaging, having written about this before in a separate blog (link below) I shall not repeat my impressions here. As I mentioned in that post, I has intended to check what the quality would be like if I used images from my DSLR, I did that with this Order. The picture quality was good.

If you use this code, we will both benefit: SBPDPL. I will be given some credit from Parabo Print for referring you and all you will need to do is pay for shipping.

Parabo Press Photobook – A Review

Castletown House

On Sunday we visited Castletown House in Kildare, the weather was fantastic and the house is always intreating to visit. We did not have time to walk around the grounds this time, as we arrived later than intended, I am sure we will return to this wonderful location in the future. The hawthorn blooms smelt glorious. I have included the house’s website below for your information. Thank you for looking at my post.