ThunderRoad Cafe

Thunder Road Cafe is a fun American themed Restaurant that has been in the heart of Templebar in Dublin for the last 21 years. The food is incredible and the staff are lovely people. ThunderRoad is always worth visiting. If you are there around 9pm, everyone dances to YMCA. There is so much to look at in ThunderRoad from the Motorbikes to pieces of music history.

Here is the website for ThunderRoad should you wish to know more:



Guinness Storehouse

These are photos that I took at the Guinness Storehouse, during an outing with Offshoot Photography Society. This is the most popular tourist attraction in Dublin, and someplace that I have been meaning to visit for years. I really enjoyed my visit, and I will return in the future. Thank you to Mike in Offshoot who organised the trip, and to all the staff at the Storehouse for being friendly and helpful.



Killiney Hill

On a glorious Summers evening, a friend of mine and myself went to Killiney Hill with the intention of chasing the evening light. We were rewarded with a gorgeous sunset and equally beautiful light earlier in the evening. I have always liked Killiney Hill as the views over the bay and city are spectacular. We were among a lot of relaxed people enjoying the atmosphere of the hill that evening as well as happy dogs snuffling round their owners and new friends.




National Gallery of Ireland

The National Gallery of Ireland recently re-opened, so I had to visit it, as it has been a very long time since I was there last. The massive refurbishment that has taken place in the Gallery is fantastic. The place looks great. It was just a short visit, so I need to go back to explore further. I did get to see some pieces that I have always liked. I missed the Caravaggio Exhibition that was held in the Gallery a couple of months ago. At the moment there is a Vermeer Exhibition on display.

IFI – Cardboard Gangsters

The IFI held a showing and Q&A of ‘Cardboard Gangsters’, and Irish made film. The film wasThe film is co written by John Connors and Mark O’Connor. The film was shot in 15 days in Darndale, Dublin. It was an enjoyable film, and very timely, given the present situation with Organised Crime Gangs in Dublin. Everyone involved with the film were patient with the questions been asked and with people wanting to speak with them after the film showing. All the people involved in the making of the film are Irish. The film is worth watching.