IFI 25th Anniversary

I had the pleasure of being a tiny part of the IFI’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations in 2017. President Michael D Higgins and his Wife Sabine were the Special Guests for the evening. Patrick Bergman the actor was also there, I did not realise who he was until he was pointed out to me, and I had already taken his photo with his two friends. It was a fun evening and I wish the IFI many more years of success, it is a wonderful asset for us to have.

Should you wish to book tickets for any of the events at the IFI please go to http://www.ifi.ie.

IFI – Lovers & the Despot Q&A
Cardboard Gangsters
IFI -Land of the Enlightened
IFI -Rocky Road to Dublin Q&A
IFI – Mattress Men Q&A
IFI – Childhood of a Leader Q&A
IFI – 66 Days of Bobby Sands
Mom & Me at the IFI
Where to Invade Next


Will St Ledger Street Art Tour

I attended a two hour long Street Art Tour led by Will St Ledger, in conjunction with Air B&B. I found Will’s Tour to be incredibly interesting and informative and learnt a lot about Street Art, how to read it, the history of Street Art in Ireland, as well as about the conversations that the Artist wishes to engage in with the viewer. My eyes were opened and I saw things that I had not seen before, even though I have passed them many times. Of all the pieces that I took photos of on the Tour, the three below were some of my favourites. Will gave the participants on the Tour a Print of his work at the end of the event, which was exceptionally kind and sincerely appreciated.

If you would like to attend this Tour, which costs €30, please go to the AirB&B.ie/experiences to book a place.

Wild Lights

According to the Dublin Zoo Website, Wild Lights is ‘a must-see experience this festive season’, this, in my opinion, is correct. I did not know what to expect from this event, and, it is safe to say that I was blown away by the skill in making such huge, delicate and detailed handmade Chinese silk plants and animals. The two dragons, pictured below, were able to move their heads. I thought I was going to be at the zoo for maybe an hour, however, I actually left three hours later. The photos below are just a tiny example of some of the amazing things that are on display in the Zoo until January 7th, 2018. If you can go and see it, I would highly recommend doing so. It was a pleasure to walk around and hear both adults and children delight as they looked at the pieces. You really do need to see these creations, they are fantastic.

I have included the website, should you wish to book tickets to go and see this event: https://dublinzoo.ie/wildlights/


Emulsive Santa 2017!

I have previously posted about Emulsive, however, I did not refer to their Annual Secret Santa, called Emulsive Santa. Today, Emulsive announced the Offical Launch of this year’s Secret Santa. This will be the third year of this fun event. This Secret Santa is for lovers of film and the analog process. I have included the post from Emulsive below so that you can get all the correct information about how to take part. I have been a player for all three events and I enjoy the excitement it creates on the Emulsive feeds.

To sign up, you just need to fill in the form attached in the post below, then sign up to Elfster and make sure you send a gift worth a minimum of €10/#10/¢10 as well as some local sweets to your recipient. Don’t be a bad Santa! I love that this event connects people from all over the world who enjoy Film Photography.



Archaeological Dig

The UCD Department of Archaeology has been running a dig in Glendalough since 2014. Over the last two years they have given volunteers an opportunity to get involved and to help them dig the site. I had initially heard of this Project last year, however, I was unable to take part as all the spaces available had been booked out, so I promised myself that I would try to get involved this year. It was a great experience and I now have even more respect for Archaeologists than I had before. All the Archaeologists were generous with their expertise and had endless patience with the volunteers. They also ran a Big Dig for children.



Touch Rugby Summer Draft

I had a great day taking photos at the Donnybrook Touch Rugby Clubs Summer Draft. Sometimes taking dynamic photos of Rugby can be tricky, as the players are moving quickly, you want to show the pace and excitement of the game. This is an area of photography that I want to improve upon and hopefully produce interesting photographs of in the future. I have included a link to the club, should you wish to join them.