World Pinhole Day 2018

To celebrate and promote pinhole photography World Pinhole Photography Day is on the last Sunday of April every year, with this in mind, I am going to post some pinhole related material over the next short while, I shall be taking part in the event too as a fan of this type of photography. To take part you need to take your photo on the 29th of April and you have until the 31st of May to submit it, please see the links below for full information on participation. You can make your own pinhole camera, which is both easy and fun or you can use a bought camera, it really doesn’t matter, just as long as it is a lensless camera that can take photos.

The photo below is taken through a window in Stephens Green Shopping Centre, during December a couple of years ago when the Christmas Market was being held around the perimeter of the Park, you can see the red roofs of the stalls from the market to the left of the arch. This was shot with an Instax Mini back that I have for my Diana F+ camera.

If you would like to know more, please follow the following links:


World Pinhole Day 2017


Open Training Session

I attended the Irish Rugby Open Training Session at the Aviva this week, I go to as many of these events as I can as I am a huge Rugby fan, sadly the open training sessions for Ireland only happen once a year. This year there were separate events, one was held in Dublin and, a couple of weeks ago, one in Athlone. It was snowing on this occasion, which is unusual. It is always interesting and enjoyable watching how the team train. I am trying to improve my sports photography skills.

IFI- Noel Hill: Aisling Ghéar

These are photos I took at the Premiere of the Documentary featuring musician Noel Hill,  called Noel Hill: Aisling Ghear, which was part of the Trad Fest in Templebar last weekend. Stephen Rea is the Patron of Trad Fest, so he opened the event. The viewing was sold out with people on a waiting list in case someone didn’t turn up. Noel Hill has been playing since the 1970’s and has toured all over the world, and he has had a massive influence on Irish Traditional Music. TG4 was recording the event, for a programme that they will release soon.

Pictures from the world premiere of Noel Hill Aisling Ghéar at the IFI on January 27th 2018 as part of Temple Bar TradFest. All pictures by Emily Gallagher.

Posted by Irish Film Institute (IFI) on Monday, January 29, 2018

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Touch Rugby Ball 2017

The Annual Touch Rugby Ball 2017 was held in the Hilton Charlemont in Dublin in December. This event has nearly doubled in size over the last two years, hopefully, this growth will continue into the future. This was a great event, and the mood was helped by the fact that the Irish Rugby Team had won a big match that afternoon.

I have included the Facebook page for Donnybrook Touch Rugby, in case you wish to join the team.


Touch Rugby Summer Draft

Print Party on Twitter

I am looking forward to taking part in this Darkroom Photography Twitter event in March. If you want to take part, I have included all the information below and a link to the Twitter Account for the Print Party. I will post a follow up blog in March to show what images I print, I have an archive of photos, that will hopefully let me print something, or I may shoot new photos for the event.

The dates for the party are as follows:
March 5, 2018 – March 25, 2018: Print!
March 26, 2018 – April 1, 2018: Post week

Rules of the print party:
1. Any light sensitive material goes.
2. Behind the scenes stories and pics are encouraged.
3. Tag them with or
4. Post a photo (not a scan) of the final print.
5. Final prints are collected in an online gallery.

Foxcab GAA

In October I took part in one of the Shoot With Me outings with Offshoot Photographic Society, on this occasion, Seamus led a group that was taking photos of the local ladies Gaelic Football team, Foxcab, who were playing in the Leinster Club Championship. The photos below are from the match that Foxcab played, and won, against Confey in Kinnegad. It was great to be pitchside for such an exciting and fast-paced match, especially given that I had never been to a Gaelic Football Match before. When it comes to sports photography fast shutter speeds are crucial. I intend to attend some more matches during the next season and hopefully improve my sports photography skills. Well done to FoxCab on winning, it was a pleasure to watch such talented and dedicated athletes.



Irish Quidditch Cup

On an incredibly rainy Saturday in January, the Irish Quidditch Cup had to decamp from the waterlogged Trinity pitches to Fairview Park, where the Tournament started later than scheduled, however, we still managed to get through most of the day’s schedule before being ejected by the Park Warden with one match to go. The great news of the day was that Dublin Draiochta Dragons beat Northern Wyvern for the top spot so Dublin will be going to Germany for the European Competition in April.

This full-contact, mixed gender sport comes straight from the pages of Harry Potter, with just enough changes so that we Muggles can play, it has been described as a cross between Rugby and Dodgeball. As you can see from the photos, in the case of Muggle Quidditch, the brooms are made from PVC pipes, the Quaffle is a slightly deflated volleyball and the Bludgers are dodgeballs. The Snitch is someone dressed in yellow, with a tennis ball is a yellow sock hanging out of the back of their shorts. If the Chaser catches the Snitch, it is worth 30 points and the game is over. If a team gets the Quaffle through the hoops, it is 10 points.

The three teams playing were Northern Wyverns (Belfast), Galweinster (Galway) and Dublin Draiochta Dragons (Dublin), out of these three teams Dublin is the oldest team, followed by Belfast and then Galway. The Galway team is a developing team, so for this event, it needed other players and team personnel to help them with the match.

The Galweinster team was made up of members from the Cork Craickensm Mid-Leinster Moon Trimmers, Galway Gridylows and a mix of international players and people from other clubs who wanted to join in and help Galweinster. I had never been to a Quidditch Match before, and although I ended up soaking wet and frozen, I really enjoyed the event.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the organisation of and participation in such a great event.

If you would like more information on Quidditch in Ireland and where you can play it, I have left the Facebook Page for Quidditch Ireland below: