Emulsive Santa 2017!

I have previously posted about Emulsive, however, I did not refer to their Annual Secret Santa, called Emulsive Santa. Today, Emulsive announced the Offical Launch of this year’s Secret Santa. This will be the third year of this fun event. This Secret Santa is for lovers of film and the analog process. I have included the post from Emulsive below so that you can get all the correct information about how to take part. I have been a player for all three events and I enjoy the excitement it creates on the Emulsive feeds.

To sign up, you just need to fill in the form attached in the post below, then sign up to Elfster and make sure you send a gift worth a minimum of €10/#10/¢10 as well as some local sweets to your recipient. Don’t be a bad Santa! I love that this event connects people from all over the world who enjoy Film Photography.




Moving Part Packs of Instax Film

If you have your only pack of Instax film loaded in a camera or printer and you want to use it in another camera or printer. You can of course, just take the pack out and move it to another camera or printer and you will only lose the top sheet of film, as the camera or printer you move the pack to will treat the top sheet as a dark slide and will expel that sheet. However, you can also safely take the pack out without losing any sheets of film. All you need to do is to put the dark slide back into the pack. I did this by turning off the lights and taking the pack out, I then slid the dark slide back into the pack and I did not lose any sheets when I moved the pack, because the printer ejected the dark slide when I switched the printer on. Obvious I know, but, I thought people might find it a useful idea.

If you have any Instax tips, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

Thank you.

Instax Mini 8 Guide

This is a Guide to using both the Fuji Film Instax Mini 8 & 9 cameras. These two cameras are nearly identical, with only a couple of additions to the 9, which I will feature at the end of the blog, as well as letting you know how you can get the same features for the 8 without having to buy a new camera.

Both cameras share a minimum focusing distance of 60cm (24 inches). The shutter speed is fixed at 1/60 sec, the flash always fires and cannot be switched off, it has a range of 2.7 metres. Both cameras use Instax Mini film and two AA batteries. These cameras are very simple to use and have very few setting options, the options available are Indoors/Night (F12.7), Cloudy/Shade (F16), Sunny/Sunny Slightly Cloudy (F22), Sunny and Bright (F32) and High Key (which makes your image brighter, and should probably only be used indoors, as it can wash out outdoor photos). I will get back to these later in my post. The counter, on the back of the camera, that lets you know how many shots you have left, counts backwards from 10-1.

The light meter is two circles in a vertical configuration above the lens and to the right of the flash. Please do not cover the light meter, as it helps work out the best exposure for your photo. If it is covered up, the exposure reading for your images will be incorrect and your photo could not turn out the way you want it to.

To turn on the camera, you need to press the button to the bottom right of the lens. When you do this, the lens pops out, the camera will emit a whirring sound and then a red/orange light will appear in front of one of the five little icons above the lens. When the light appears the camera is ready to shoot.

When you want to load a pack of film, make sure that you line the yellow line on the pack of film up with the yellow line on the camera, and the pack will go in the correct way. Do not squish the pack of film, as you will disturb the chemicals in the sheets of film and you will ruin your pictures. Another tip is that you should not shake your photo, as you could damage it.

This is what the icons around the lens of your camera mean:

When you look through the viewfinder you will see a circle, this indicates the centre of your frame, and helps you line up your photo. If you are using a close up attachment, which brings the focusing distance to 35-50cm, you should line your image up in the bottom left quarter of your viewfinder, under the circle.

If you want to take a selfie, if you use the selfie mirror and the close up attachment that comes with the Mini 9, or the Close up attachment/ selfie mirror that you can buy for the Mini 8, you should get a good result. Outdoor natural light is better for portraits than flash, so if possible, shoot your portraits outside.  The shots take 90 seconds to develop.