Killiney Hill

On a glorious Summers evening, a friend of mine and myself went to Killiney Hill with the intention of chasing the evening light. We were rewarded with a gorgeous sunset and equally beautiful light earlier in the evening. I have always liked Killiney Hill as the views over the bay and city are spectacular. We were among a lot of relaxed people enjoying the atmosphere of the hill that evening as well as happy dogs snuffling round their owners and new friends.






My friend and I tried to go to Burtown House and Gardens in Kildare, but, it was closed to the public, as they were hosting a Wedding. We had some fun with Google maps before we got to Burtown, as Google kept trying to get us to drive down a small anonymous laneway, which did not look at all right, however, it ended up that Google was sending us down the back lane to the house and gardens. We will try again on another day. We had spotted a field with some poppies in it on our way to Burtown, so we decided to stop there and take some photos of the flowers in the wheat. I will have to go back, as I still have some photos I wish I had taken. The wheat made a lovely background for the flowers.


Wicklow Drive 

A friend of mine and I went for a drive around Wicklow today. We visited Lough Dan, Lough Tay and Lough Bray. We also paid a visit to the Glencree Centre for Peace and Recocilation, where we had a cup of tea and a sandwich. There was a short river walk with an interesting bridge, which was beckoning us to walk across it. When you are in Glencree, you really should visit the German Cemetry in Glencree, so we did that too. Thankfully the weather was lovely today, which made the whole day even more pleasant.

I have attached below some photos from the drive.

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Classiebawn Castle

On Saturday I drove to Sligo to take some photos, the Weather Forecast had indicated a promising day, but, they were wrong. It started off ok, and then it lashed rain for the entire day. It did not stop me from getting a couple of photos. These are of Classiebawn Castle in Mullaghmore. In the top photo, you can see the Benbulben mountain behind the Castle. I think the mood portrayed suits the Castle, due to its architecture and the history that goes along with it. The lower images are of the Mountbatten shield (left image) and the Gate Lodge for Classiebawn (right image).

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