Parabo Press Square Prints – A Review

This is not a sponsored post and Parabo Press do not know that I am writing a Blog about their product. Today I received my free square prints in the post from Parabo Press, this is the second time that I have used this company, and I am as pleased with the service as I was the first time. Parabo Press offered 25 free square prints, all I had to do is pay for shipping, so on Tuesday I ordered some and they arrived today (Friday), which I thought, was incredibly quick. I am impressed by the quality of the prints, as well as the packaging, having written about this before in a separate blog (link below) I shall not repeat my impressions here. As I mentioned in that post, I has intended to check what the quality would be like if I used images from my DSLR, I did that with this Order. The picture quality was good.

If you use this code, we will both benefit: SBPDPL. I will be given some credit from Parabo Print for referring you and all you will need to do is pay for shipping.

Parabo Press Photobook – A Review


Parabo Press Photobook – A Review

I found an offer from Parabo Press for a Free Instagram Yearbook that includes twenty of your most popular photos of 2016. All I needed to pay for was shipping, which was very reasonable. Previously to discovering this offer I had not heard of the company Parabo Press. I normally use Blurb, but, I saw no harm in investigating a new company. I noticed that the company was based in America, so I presumed that the book would arrive between 2-4 weeks after I ordered it. You can imagine my I confusion when I received an email two days later, informing me that the book was been shipped. I was further surprised when I got an email three days after ordering, telling me that the book would arrive the following day. It did! Four days (inclusive) after I ordered the book, I had it in my hands, and the four days included a weekend! Who knows how quickly it could get here if a weekend was not involved? I was incredibly impressed, and can only assume that Parabo Press have a European Printer engaged to make sure that the European Market receive their goods as quickly as the American market would do.

I was incredibly impressed by the packaging, and the overall quality of the product. As you can see from the photos below the box has a nice leaf design. The book inside the envelope is held in a strong ziplock bag in which is a card to help keep the book flat, also included in the package is a thank you card with further details for ordering. The quality of the pictures was not always amazing, but, I put that down to my photos and not the work from Parabo Press. I am going to order another product, however, this time, rather than use my phone, I will use my big camera (Canon 5D Mkii) to take the photos in RAW and see how they look. I could not stop flicking the pages of the book, as it feels so nice to hold in your hands. The book also gave me the idea to make an annual Yearbook, and I may use Parabo for this, as their prices seem very reasonable. There appears to be some limitation in the number of pages that you can have in each book, which if correct is unfortunate, whereas Blurb does not. I loved the quality and feel of the paper and I loved the thought process that went into the packaging. I think anyone who may receive a gift book printed by this company, would be pleased. Overall I was thoroughly impressed and incredibly pleased with the Parabo Press product.

If you want to order 25 FREE prints from Parabo Press, please use this code: SBPDPL. I will be given some credit from Parabo Print for referring you and all you will need to do is pay for shipping. This code only works for the 25 square prints. The address is below for your information, if you wish to check out Parabo Press.