I have been to Sri-Lanka four times now, the most recent trip was in November of 2016. This particular trip was so that I could attend my Goddaughter’s Communion. This meant that I took more candid personal shots than the more usual travel photographs. However, I thought that I might post some travel shots that I did take of places we went. My friend, her children and I went to Galle, as well as Hikkaduwa and Colombo. I look forward to my next trip in the future. Sri-Lanka is a place that I love and will always return too.



Sohail Castle

Sohail Castle sits at the heart if the river mouth at Fuengirola in Spain, I have passed it many times on the bus, and finally decided to stop and have a look at it.

This castle was first built before the 12th century, and had a colourful history. In 1485 it was conquered by Christians against the Moorish. Napoleon tried to destroy the castle during the War of Independence.  After that the Castle was abandoned and eventually sold a public auction. In the 1990’s the Castle started to go through restoration work.

You are allowed up onto the Towers, by climbing the steepest stairs, I have ever seen in my life. I think Health and Safety will stop this at some point in the future.

If you are in the area, it is worth visiting.


I went to Malaga in Spain in September. I took a hop on hop off bus tour around the city and these photos were taken in and around the Castillo de Gibralfaro and the Alcazaba Castle. The cut out of Picasso was near Casa de Picasso.

Picasso spent his formative years in Malaga and Malaga is very proud of this fact. Paris and Barcelona are the other two main Cities in Picasso’s life.

Malaga has a fascinating history spanning  about 2,800 years, making Malaga one of the Oldest city in the World. The Phoenicians founded the colony of Malaca here about 770 BC, from 218 BC the city was ruled by the Roman Republic and then at the end of the 1st century during the reign of Domitian was federated with the Roman Empire as Malaca (Latin). Thereafter it was governed under its own municipal code of law, which granted free-born persons the privileges of Roman Citizenship. There is also cultural influence from Germany and Byzantine Empire, Muslim Arabs, Catholic Monarchs, to name some of the phases of History.


Kerry Train Trip

We took a day trip to  Kerry on the train, as part of Rail Tours Gap of Dunloe trip.

The trip involved taking the train to Killarney from Dublin, with a change at Mallow on the way. Then you get a jaunting car trip over the Gap of Dunloe, through the Black Valley, followed by a boat trip across the three lakes of Killarney, after which you have some time to do with as you please, and then you repeat the train journey back home.

Both the driver of the jaunting car (Donal) and the Skipper of the boat (Dermot) were lovely and very funny. The lady who collected us and delivered us back to the train station (Laura) was also hilarious.

A bonus on the day, was the sighting of a family group of Sika Deer in the National Park, we saw a small herd of about 25 Red Deer on the Island Monastery that Brian Boru studied in.

Everything is taken care of in the price of your ticket, apart from food, drinks and any shopping you may wish to do.

This was a very enjoyable day and the I would highly recommend it.