I took a trip to Glendalough, one of my favourite places in Ireland yesterday, as part of a Canon event which was hosted by the renowned Landscape Photographer David Noton. It was very interesting to look at a place that I am very familiar with through someone else’s eyes. Canon allowed Participants to borrow some of their Camera Bodies and Lenses for the event, I borrowed a 5DS and a 24-70mm Lens, I also played with the other kit available, which was a lot of fun. I intend to re-visit Glendalough soon and spend a bit more time there taking photos. I will leave a link to David’s website below.

Light & Motion Workshop

Eimhear Collins and Rodney O’Callaghan held one of their Light & Motion Workshops on the 1st of April this year in Dublin. The Workshop was based around two locations, the first being Whiterock Beach in Killiney and the second was just a short drive down the coast to the Fortyfoot in Sandycove. The weather conditions for the early part of the day were challenging, as there were some VERY heavy rain showers, in between the more typical rain showers, in other words, there was a lot of rain. The weather picked up later in the day. Eimhear had an amazing picnic with her for all of us to enjoy. I had a great time, I learnt a number of things and I got some shots I am happy with, so, to me, thats a successful day. My two big take aways from this workshop, are: 1. do not leave your camera in Auto White Balance, you get better results when you are controlling the White Balance in camera (something that I had been aware of, but, I really need to practice) and, 2. I need to buy waders.

If you would like to attend one of the Light & Motion Workshops, please contact Eimhear at eimhear collins photography for more information.

Thank you.


Explore Light Workshop

Last Saturday I was an attendee of one of Explore Light’s fantastic workshops. I have been a part of a number of them now, and I always learn something new. Peter is a great teacher and good fun is always guaranteed. We started the day learning about photo editing, and then in the afternoon, we drove to the location at South Wall, Poolbeg and were taught the technical aspects of the days location. We were incredibly lucky to witness a stunning sunset.I would highly recommend the Explore Light Workshops.

If you would like to get involved in one of the Workshops that Explorelight run, please contact for details.

Thank you.